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Zahid: Anwar's Crony

Extract from a posting on the blog Another Brick in the Wall, How do you find a word (for Anwar) to mean hypocrisy? dated Aug 20th, 2008

Anwar's "Cronies"

In reaction to the criticism levelled at him at that memorable UMNO General Assembly, Dr Mahathir instructed to release the names of all recipients of Government major contracts and privatisation. That list of "crony" include those widely known as Anwar's "cronies". (The list is available on this Asiaweek magazine link here.)

Zahid Hamidi was one of the recipeints.

No. 55
PROJECT NAME: Pembangunan Semula Kg. Haji Abdullah Hukum, Kuala Lumpur
NAME OF MAJORITY SHAREHOLDER: Dato’ Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Dr. Tajuddin Hj. Mohd. Jali, Bahrin Ayub, Wong Boong Loong

The list revealed an embarassing fact that shares of Kretam Malaysia Berhad belonging to one foundation, Yayasan Gerak Bakti was strangely registered under his name.

Over the years, Anwar have been repeated accusation and criticism along the KKN line of argument against Dr Mahathir and the Government. But Anwar is the last person that can claim innocence from the practise of "cronyism".

Off hand, I could enlist some 18 groups of Anwar's "cronies", some already mentioned in Rocky Bru's commentary:

1. Realmild Group comprising Dato Khalid Ahmad, Nazri Abdullah dan Mohd Noor Abdullah (Dato Abdul Kadir Jasin was part of the group but not seen as Anwar man);

2. PNB's Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim that was offered 15% stake in Guthrie and now PKR Menteri Besar for Selangor;

3. DRB-Hicom-Gadek Group comprising of late MCKK classmate Tan Sri Yahya Ahmad, Tan Sri Dato’ Mohd Salleh Sulong and Dato’ Maznah Jalil;

4. Anwar's deal maker extraordinaire and fellow ABIM, the late Dato Nasaruddin Jalil of MBF, Gadek and Asia Pacific Airline;

5. Former Institiut Kajian Dasar, his key political man, MCKK classmate and now PAS Secretary General, Dato Kamaruddin Jaafar with equity in Dialog Group, Suremax, Gigaworld, etc.;

6. Faiz Abdullah of Aras Murni Berhad/Timuran Berhad and proposal to take over Nova Scotia Malaysia Berhad;

7. Tong Koi Ong of Phileo Allied bank, and EDGE Magazine;

8. Abrar Group namely Wan Hasni, Rahim Ghouse, and Hj Kamaruddin of K&N Kenanga fame, inclusive notwithstanding Tan Sri Nor Mahamad Yakcop;

9. Dato Ghazi Ramli, more remembered as Board of Director of Mobikom and Telekom Malaysia but is a recepient of many privatisation projects;

10. Ex CEO of Maybank and MCKK collegemate, Tan Sri Ahmad Mohd Don that was placed as Bank Negara Malaysia Governor;

11. Dato Murad Ahmad, Bank Negara Malaysia Adviser that admitted in a Statutory Declaration as keeper of one of Anwar's "war chest";

12. Dato Ishak Ismail of Iras Murni, Idris Hydraulis and Aokam Perdana fame;

13. Sarawakian Dato Sng that was his "bagman" to pay off UMNO Division Head to secure nomination against Ghaffar Baba;

14. Dato Nallakaruppan of Magnum that was his accomplice in many alleged "sex scandals" and now turning against him;

15. His father, Dato Ibrahim was a member of the Board of IOI that acquired a tract of land for the present hotel at the peripherel of Putrajaya based on tip of Putrajaya plans;

16. Brother, Rani Ibrahim was involved in many companies' listing excercise and was recently appointed by Khaid Ibrahima s Adviser for Selangor's KDEB Group;

17. Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan and his Hong Leong group, which was on Lee Kuan Yew's blacklist to be perpetually denied banking license in Singapore but managed to acquire a MUI Bank and saved from forced merger with Anwar's help; and

18. Dato Salehuddin Hashim, son of PAS man Hashim Gera, fellow MCKK collegemate, current Secretary General of PKR, Turnaround Management and dealmaker extraordinaire.
I haven't even begin to open my own "6 boxes" yet. Definitely, readers out there then already involved in the corporate world have other names.

Ezam mentioned Anwar's Modus Operandi to use the Skim Kontraktor Wibawa to dish out RM1 billion contracts to 15 "cronies". Off hand, I can name one Lankhorst Group and personalities like Aziz Fakri, Dr Umi, etc.

What will Anwar try to say now? How will he "twist" his statement? Whatever it is, I call it hypocrisy? Is it really "cronyism" or Anwar's twisted rhetorics?

May God save Malaysia from this man.

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