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Is that all the reason justified?

UMNO POSITIONS: Perak must back Zahid

New Straits Times, October 7, 2008

FOR the first time in the history of Perak politics, an anak Perak has indicated that he will vie for the post of Umno deputy president at the coming general assembly (”Ahmad Zahid’s surprise run for Umno No 2″ — NST, Oct 3).

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is a true-blue anak Perak and all Umno branches, divisions and the state level should put sentiment and ideology aside and support him 100 per cent.

Perak once had the biggest number of divisions in the country and Umno members from all these divisions were not only respected and much sought-after before every general assembly but also commanded vast respect and power. Of course, that is history now.

What we have here now is a winner and Zahid needs solid support from his own state.

He is well learned, has vast experience in Umno, was once a political secretary to Datuk Seri Najib Razak, was a deputy minister and now is a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of religion. He is almost an all-rounder.

This could be the turning point for Umno and for Perak, too. Ever since Perak lost its position as the state with the highest number of Umno divisions, it has been in the doldrums.

This could be a true awakening for Perak, and if Perak Umno is to recover from its defeat at the last general election, then this is the time to do it.

So I call on all Umno branches, divisions, state levels and, most of all, all Perakians to give total support to Zahid in his quest to become the next Umno deputy president.

KOMEN: Adakah Zahid disokong kerana asas semangat kenegerian saja? Kalau begitu negeri lain tidak payah sokong orang lain tetapi calun dari negeri masing-masing.

Tanya adakah Zahid layak untuk menjadi Naib Presiden? Adakah dia tidak akan menjatuhkan maruah negeri Perak satu hari nanti bila dia berkuasa? Kaji betul-betul sebelum sebut dia "well learned". Benarkah dia "vast experiance"?

Berapa lama dia pegang Ketua Pemuda? Berapa lama dia jadi Setiausaha Politik Najib? Berapa lama dia pegang Menteri Penuh? Adakah dia layak dan akan berjaya dalam jawatan yang disandang sekarang?

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