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Zahid Agrees Umno Election Campaign Period Too Long

Bernama Oct 18 2008

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 17 -- Umno Supreme Council member Datuk Seri Dr Zahid Hamidi agrees with a view that the Umno election campaign period is too long.

He also personally feels that the campaign period should start once the divisional delegates' meetings are completed by Nov 9, and that it is better for the party's general assembly be held on Dec 16 as planned earlier.

"That is the best date as in the past party elections, the campaign period was not as long as this time and the view could be discussed at the Umno Supreme Council meeting.

"I am not the authority to speak on this matter but if it is brought up by the Umno Management Committee for discussion at the Supreme Council meeting next week, God willing, I will be one of those supporting it," he said after attending an Aidilfitri function of the Islamic Development Department (Jakim), here Friday.

Zahid, who is Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, however, added that his view on the matter did not mean he was asking Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step down earlier than scheduled.

"The prime minister can remain in the post until March next year as planned, but with regards to the party, the new president can be officially chosen earlier."

He said an earlier party election would not only give comfort to the candidates, but also to the delegates as a long campaign could have some detrimental effects and not just to productivity levels.

"Not only will there be money politics, but mud-slinging and spreading lies and wild accusations as well," he added.

Yesterday, Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had said that the Umno polls campaign period of four months was too long and could affect the productivity levels of the candidates, especially those with portfolios in government.

Muhyiddin, who will be vying for the party deputy president post, also felt that as a candidate, one month would be better.

On the proposal by MCA Youth chief Datuk Liow Tiong Lai on Friday that an additional Barisan Nasional deputy chairman post be created with one being filled by an MCA leader, Zahid said: "Good suggestion, but I think we need to get the consensus of all BN components. So, we should all sit down together and discuss this."

KOMEN: Kamu juga nak Abdullah kekal. Kamu juga sanggup nak tentang Muhyiddin atas suruhan Abdullah. Kamu juga nak setuju dengan Muhyiddin? Lalang itu satu hal, tapi tulang belakang kamu sakit ke?

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